Having an adventure you’ll never forget is one thing. But helping others while you’re at it? That’s where we come in; in fact, it’s the basis behind all S.A.C. adventures.

Accept that responsibility and have the time of your life. Each team must raise 750 € before the race, 50% of which will go directly to our official charity partners in India. The other half is up to you – find a local charity you always wanted to support.

What projects do we support?
The Official Charity Partners of Three Wheels On India are Viva con Agua, Bua Sa Hockey Village India, and Mangreen e.V.

How do you get donations?
The charity money does not have to come completely or directly from you: Why not search for a sponsor around your town, ask your friends and family to support your effort, throw yourself a fundraising party, or promote your team in your local newspaper? There are many ways to get it done.